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  • Diamond Mine Diamond Mine 21931 plays Earn points by forming rows of 3 or more identical gems.
  • Deep Voyage Deep Voyage 20353 plays Think you can finish these underwater matching games before time runs out? Don't hold your breath!
  • Jewel Quest Jewel Quest 20019 plays Immerse yourself in this enjoying jewels game in which your goal is to match the jewel to clear it in the board.
  • Golden Squirrel 2 Golden Squirrel 2 18367 plays Join games y8 games genre exciting not only relaxing but also can show your intelligence. that is eating the gems in Golden Squirrel 2 game. This gem constantly moving 3 gems of the same color, you will get the point. let's try in this game and spend some real high points of access through the play okay!
  • Cursed Treasure-Dont Touch My Gems Cursed Treasure-Dont Touch My Gems 18226 plays Protect your gems from being stolen in this tower-defense game.
  • Honors And Gems Honors And Gems 18029 plays Play this Bejeweled game with lots of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and all kinds of gems. Try to pair up 3 gems or more of the same color in one row. This way you can earn points and pins. Try to win them all and achieve a super high score! Play this Bejeweled game with lots of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and all kinds of gems. Try to pair up 3 gems or more of the same color in one row. This way you can earn points and pins. Try to win them all and achieve a super high score!
  • Harvest Honors Harvest Honors 17101 plays This strategic multiplayer Match-3 game is fertile grounds for cultivating your competitive spirit!
  • Tiny Birds Tiny Birds 17084 plays It's an avian invasion, and the only solution is complete vaporization!
  • 1001 Arabian Nights 1001 Arabian Nights 16752 plays The Arabian Desert is full of mysterious treasures that are yours for the taking.
  • Crystal Battle Crystal Battle 16675 plays It's full-on icon-swapping, crystal-crushing battle!
  • Ancient Powers Ancient Powers 16578 plays When you toy with magic, you're playing with fire, wind, water, earth...and gravity.
  • Rome Puzzle Rome Puzzle 16065 plays Swap 2 adjacent objects to create a line of 3 or more identical objects.
  • Bejeweled 2 Official Bejeweled 2 Official 15950 plays he sequel to one of the biggest online games is bigger and better than ever. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe will warp you into puzzle ecstasy with four modes of jewel swapping action. Classic, Puzzle, Action, and Endless modes will please Bejeweled fans and newcomers alike. Two new special pieces, Power Gems and Hyper Cubes, light up the screen with overwhelming power. Match four jewels to create a Power Gem and five to create a Hyper Cube. Use these new powerful special pieces to help you clear all the gems in Puzzle mode.
  • Animal Park Animal Park 15876 plays Swap fuzzy beasties and collect the animal prizes!
  • Fitz! Fitz! 15683 plays Swap the figures to make rows or 3 or more of the same figures.
  • Diamond Dust Diamond Dust 15423 plays Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but they'll be your enemy in Diamond Dust!
  • Bratz Forever Diamondz Glam Bratz Forever Diamondz Glam 14956 plays Match jewels and earn points! When three or more tiles match in a row or column they will be removed and you will collect points. The pyramid is your timer. The game ends when all the jewels disappear.
  • Jamble Legends Jamble Legends 14551 plays With 4 awesome retro games to choose from, Jamble Legends is a Match 3 jamboree!
  • Bejeweled 3 Official Bejeweled 3 Official 14245 plays Discover all-new ways to play the world\’s #1 puzzle game. Find your perfect match with 8 breathtaking game modes that meet all your moods.
  • Gem Invasion Gem Invasion 14174 plays Don't be distracted by the rows of sparkling jewels! They're coming for you...
  • Atlantis Quest Atlantis Quest 13956 plays Embark on a journey around the ancient lands in the search of the greatest mysteries.
  • Cradle of Persia Cradle of Persia 13755 plays Conquer your way through over all levels to build masterpieces of Ancient Persia and free the genie from Aladdin's lamp! Unlock a mystery never before seen by man, here in the Cradle of Persia!
  • Cap'n Goldgrubbers Treasure Hunt Cap'n Goldgrubbers Treasure Hunt 11941 plays Despite the trope's prevalence in fiction, historical pirates weren't much for burying treasure. Each day takes you to a different islet with numerous buried treasures and one "secret" treasure hidden therein. Click on a square to move to it, and click on the square you're standing on to dig for (hopefully) treasure. Analysis: The theme was "sandbox", and the game does successfully capture the feeling of two kids playing as pirates, digging up treasure in the backyard. There's some kind of visceral joy about uncovering something in the sand (an interesting shell, a piece of sea glass, a mysterious old coin...) and Cap'n GoldGrubber excels at replicating that experience. A large part of the game's appeal is the titular captain. Kudos to Joshua Tomar for his exceptional voice acting. It's fun to hunt treasure (though occasionally made difficult by the scenery), but, once you've purchased a handful of upgrades, finding becomes so easy that it becomes non-challenging and repetitive.
  • Ponder Ponder 11904 plays Enter an enchanted forest filled with misty ponds and mythical creatures and lead a group of Gladelings in the quest for shinies. The pond\’s native inhabitants will try to get in your way so be sure to aim the occasional mud balls at them! Upgrade your Gladelings\’ features and equip them with powerful gear to make them more efficient and capable in getting shinies.
  • Treasure Puzzle Treasure Puzzle 11687 plays You'll have to sift through many ancient objects to find the artifacts of true power!
  • Marine Puzzle Marine Puzzle 11302 plays Marine Puzzle invites you to the fascinating world of watery waste, fresh breeze and hot sea battles. If you want something more exciting and challenging, Marine Puzzle is just the game for you. Match3 games have never been so thrilling and absorbing.
  • Poonsy Poonsy 11054 plays Collect as many jewels as possible, dodge other creatures while collecting your jewels.
  • Youda Jewel Shop Youda Jewel Shop 10893 plays All that glitters isn't gold—it's diamonds!

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